The Forton Group Assessments
and Psychometric Tests


We are currently working with professional business psychologists at Team Focus to bring you a set of on-line assessments to help you identify your strengths, interests and preferences.

These assessments can help you:

  • explore your personality
  • explore your interests and possible career choices
  • discover aspects of your communication skills
  • prepare for job assessments where similar tests will be used

Each online test takes approximately 15 minutes. Once completed, your results are sent instantly to your email address and are benchmarked against a large sample of the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate population.

The list of assessments available to you is shown below and you can order these on-line by clicking on the Continue button at the bottom of the page.

These tools were previously only available through trained specialists and, whilst we know the report you will be sent automatically on completion will be useful to you, we also know that you will get far more from it when combined with expert feedback from a professional. You can book a feedback session from Forton Bank Consultants by returning to our Home Page once you have ordered your assessments.


Assessments Currently Available

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The Type Dynamics Indicator - This questionnaire uses your underlying personality to help you understand the kind of career that is most likely to suit your preferences. It also suggest your preferred approach to learning. This is an improved and updated alternative to Myers Briggs.


The Careers Interest Inventory - This will help you to understand more about your interests and the kinds of work that may be suitable for you.


The Learning Styles Indicator - This questionnaire uses your underlying personality to identify your preferred approach to learning tasks.


The Combined Career Search Package - This package consists of the Career Interest Inventory and the Type Dynamics Indicator, which includes both career and learning preferences. See above for details of each of these.


The Numerical Reasoning Test - This test looks at your ability to recognise, interpret and solve numerical problems.


The Verbal Reasoning Test - This test looks at your ability to think logically and critically about written information.


The Abstract Reasoning Test - This test looks at your ability to generate multiple hypotheses and demonstrate mental flexibility in trying to identify relationships between shapes.


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