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The Profiling for Success range of psychometric assessments is developed by Team Focus, a leading company of business psychologists. For more information about Profiling for Success click here.

From this page you can complete a full psychometric test, looking at your Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Reasoning Ability, and receive a personalised feedback report. To access the test you will need to enter the following details:


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Click on the 'Enter Profiling for Success' link below to go to the Profiling for Success web site. Once there, select your language and on the following page, click on the 'Client Code + Access Code + Password' button. Then enter the three codes above.

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Please note: This test has been designed for personal development use only. Team Focus accepts no responsibility for misuse or misinterpretation of this test.

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Team Focus offers a range of online tests for your personal development. These cover in-depth assessments of Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Reasoning, Interests, Personality, Learning Styles and Memory and Attention. Click here to find out more and buy these assessments online.


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