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What are tests/questionnaires?

A psychometric test is a standardised method for assessing a mental or psychological attribute such as a skill, an ability or a dimension of personality. To say it is 'standardised' means that the assessment is made in a standardised manner (i.e. in the same way for all people and from occasion to occasion), that the person's responses to the test are recorded and scored in a standardised manner (e.g. by the use of a fixed scoring key) and that the results are interpreted in a standardised manner (e.g. by comparing the scores obtained by an individual to those obtained by a large sample of people who have taken the test previously).

Who uses tests/questionnaires?

The PfS psychometric assessments are most commonly taken by people who are either applying for jobs or who are taking part in a development exercise organised by their employer. In both cases, the employer will make arrangements for the person to take the tests and questionnaires. However, it is also possible for anyone to take PfS assessments by ordering them online from this site. You may be interested in doing this if you want to find out more about yourself or to see what your strengths and possible areas for development are.

Do I need training to use the assessments?

Without training and for personal use you can Profile yourself using our buy-online facility. Professionals such as teachers, career advisers and HR personnel can have access to a number of the PfS instruments such as the Learning Styles Indicator (LSI), and the Career Interests Inventory (CII). Please contact us for more details.

With Level A training you can access the Verbal Reasoning Test (VRT), Numerical Reasoning Test (NRT), Abstract Reasoning Test (ART), and the Memory and Attention Test (MAT).

With recognised training in Jung’s model of Psychological Type you can access the Type Dynamics Indicator (TDI®).

With recognised training in the 16PF® family you can access the 15FQ+™ one of the latest ways to measure Cattell’s personality model.

How do I purchase tests?

Using the Profile yourself link you are able to purchase capability, personality and career based questionnaires. These are meant for single use only and for personal rather than recruitment/development use.
I have an assessment centre and need to practise tests, where do I go?

As above, you can go to the Profile yourself link and purchase either a single assessment or a package.

I work in graduate recruitment, can I get high volume of tests?

If you are Level A trained you are able to open an account with us. This will enable you to select the tests you want and direct the reports to a specified e-mail.

I want to use paper-based tests, how can I generate a report?

There is a facility called direct data entry on the online managed account system, which allows you to manually enter results for candidates and generate reports.

Are there any set-up fees if I open an account?

There is no set-up fee if you would like to open an online account with us. All we ask is that you initially purchase £250 worth of credits (£1 per credit). You can use these credits to purchase the PfS online assessments and reports (see here for further details of the credit costs of assessments and reports).

What support would I receive with the tests/questionnaires?

Once you have requested your own account you would manage the whole process from setting up the access codes, sending links and receiving results. We have a support team to talk you through the facilities initially and help during any part of the process.

TDI® is the registered trademark of Team Focus, 15FQ™ is a registered trademark of Psytech International Ltd, 16PF® is a Registered Trademark of IPAT