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FREE... Online Psychometric Testing from Profiling for Success

Psychometric tests are widely used for selection and development by many organisations. They can also give valuable information for use in career and personal development.

The Profiling for Success psychometric tests are developed by Team Focus, a leading firm of business psychologists, and are widely used by organisations for selection and development.

Through this website you can try some of our tests that are under development and get feedback on your performance. The type of tests available through this site will change every few months depending on what we are developing – you are likely to find Reasoning Tests similar to those used by many employers as part of their recruitment process and questionnaires looking at aspects of your preferences, motivations or values.

Results and Feedback

After submitting your answers to each test or questionnaire, you will be sent an email with your results attached.

Accessing the Tests

To access the tests, please firstly make a note of the following codes which you will need to log in to the testing system and then click on the link that follows:

    Client code:     PFS

    Access code:    develop

    Password:        pfsdevelop

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